Mayhem To Release New Album This October


We are excited to announce that Mayhem will release our sixth studio album, entitled “Daemon” on October 25th.

The pre-order for all formats will start on August 30th – detailed info on all different formats will be made available soon!

“Daemon” isn’t a direct follow-up to “Esoteric Warfare”. Like all Mayhem albums of their time, “Daemon” is unto itself. The wolf solitary and singular. Indeed, “Daemon” also isn’t a new chapter in our storied career. Rather, it’s a new tome, authoritative yet wild in character. Composed and decomposed with the same lineup – Necrobutcher (bass), Hellhammer (drums), Attila (vocals), Teloch (guitars), and Ghul (guitars) – that handled “Esoteric Warfare” and performed “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” in its entirety over the last few years, “Daemon” isn’t a retrofit of classic songs like “Freezing Moon,” “Pagan Fears,” or “Buried by Time and Dust” either. That’s what the live album, “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive” (2016), was for. “Daemon” is change, an opportunity for the maw of hell to open wider.

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Interview With Destruction – 2019

From Outburn Magazine

DESTRUCTION: One Point Vanish


You can’t say “legendary thrash metal band” without mentioning Destruction. The band formed in 1982 by three young men—Schmier being one of them—in the small town of Weil am Rhein, Germany. They loved heavy metal music and preferred the fastest songs on the albums of that time. This helped develop the thrash metal genre into what it is today and is one of the many reasons why Destruction is included in the German Big Four—a lineup of the most iconic German thrash metal bands that took thrash to another level of brutal.

Destruction continues its legacy with the new album Born to Perish. It still combines their signature aggression with catchy hooks that pierce your flesh, but Born to Perish also features two new players, drummer Randy Black and guitarist Damir Eskic. We spoke to Destruction vocalist and bassist Schmier to discuss Born to Perish, writing and recording with new members, the band’s history, and his views of the German Big Four.

Let’s talk about Born to Perish. What can fans expect?
I think many fans are as excited as we are because it’s the first album with a new lineup. Randy Black, he’s our new drummer, and we finally have two guitarists again. Many fans have waited for this moment to see and hear Destruction as a four piece again. And I’m happy with the album because it turned out great. It turned out the way I wanted it to be and it introduces the guys in the right way. The songs are catchy and heavy as fuck, and I’m excited for fans to hear the new album.

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Cannibal Corpse – 2019 North American Tour Dates

20 – White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
21 – Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, TX
22 – Come And Take It Live – Austin, TX
24 – The Pressroom – Phoenix, AZ
25 – The Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA
26 – Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, CA
27 – Cargo – Reno, NV
28 – Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
29 – Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
30 – The Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC

1 – Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
2 – MacEwan Ballroom – Calgary, AB
5 – The Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO
6 – Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins, CO
7 – The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
8 – The Truman – Kansas City, MO
9 – Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA
10 – The Apollo Theatre – Belvidere, IL
12 – The Forge – Joliet, IL
13 – St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
14 – London Music Hall – London, ON
15 – Opera House – Toronto, ON
16 – M Telus – Montreal, QC
17 – Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
18 – The Royale – Boston, MA
20 – Fete Ballroom – Providence, RI
21 – Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT
22 – Warsaw – Brooklyn, NY
23 – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
24 – TLA – Philadelphia, PA
26 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
27 – The Orpheum – Tampa, FL

Blind Guardian – Legacy Of The Dark Lands Album Trailer


After all these years of guesses, prophecies and other confirming irritations we are happy to announce that „Legacy of the Dark Lands“ will be released on November 1, 2019. Yes, it is the ORCHESTRAL ALBUM and the release date is carved in stone …, we hope:-).To be prepared for this once in your lifetime experience you better get your version of „Die Dunklen Lande“ by our friend Markus Heitz, which is out now. „Die Dunklen Lande“ is closely connected to the orchestral album and features the prequel to „Legacy of the Dark Lands“. It might also help killing time, a little bit:-) Enjoy.
You want to know more about the dark lands? Here is a link you then better do not ignore: